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Microsoft is finally updating its 26-year-old icons from Windows 95

Microsoft is giving Windows 10 a fresh coat of paint. But it's not just getting a touch-up Microsoft is doing all the fine details, getting under the switch plates and sanding the molding.

Google backtracks on office returns and will allow employees to work remotely

Google is expanding its options for when, where and how often employees return to the office.

IBM says it has created the world's smallest and most powerful microchip

The semiconductor industry's constant challenge is to make microchips that are smaller, faster, more powerful and more energy efficient simultaneously.

After 27 years, Bill and Melinda Gates have decided to end their marriage.

Facebook says decision on whether Trump ban will be overturned coming Wednesday

The Facebook Oversight Board will announce its long-anticipated decision on the fate of former President Trump's Facebook account at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday, it announced Monday morning.

Dell lays out its plans for the future

Dell imagines a future in which businesses are faster, smarter and better.

Epic Games and Apple spar over consoles and walled gardens on opening day of trial

Epic Games and Apple kicked off their high-profile trial on Monday, beginning a legal battle that is expected to run for at least two weeks and has the potential to change not only the iPhone maker's app ecosystem, but also the broader app economy worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Anyone can use this powerful facial-recognition tool and that's a problem

You probably haven't seen PimEyes, a mysterious facial-recognition search engine, but it may have spotted you.

CNN's John Berman takes a look back at a year filled with video conference difficulties that made us laugh.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin to auction ticket for first space tourism flight

Blue Origin after spending more than six years developing its space tourism rocket, New Shepard has finally set a date for its first commercial passenger mission, July 20, and announced that one of the first passengers will be the winner of an online auction.

MSNBC's Kristen Welker asks White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about Facebook's decision to continue the suspension of President Trump's account.

Facebook tried to punt the Trump decision. That backfired

The Facebook Oversight Board was designed to make some of Facebook's most difficult decisions for the company. But on Wednesday the board put one of the biggest dilemmas facing the platform back on Facebook and company CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage after 27 years, the pair announced in a statement on their verified Twitter accounts.

SpaceX splashdown: Four astronauts to return from record-breaking mission

Four astronauts are on their way home from the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, ending their five-month mission to the orbiting laboratory. The astronauts set a record for the longest time in space by a crew that launched aboard an American-built spacecraft.

SpaceX lands Mars rocket prototype for the first time

SpaceX just launched another test flight of an early Mars rocket prototype at its South Texas facility, sending the towering silver vehicle soaring up to about six miles above Earth, then putting it through a series of aerial acrobatics before re-lighting two of its engines and landing it upright back on a landing pad.

I tracked my kid with Apple's Airtags to test its privacy features

I clipped a keychain with one of Apple's tiny new Bluetooth trackers, AirTags, onto my son's book bag and waved goodbye to him on the school bus. I watched on my iPhone's Find My app as the bus stopped at a light a few blocks down from our street.

What you need to know about the board deciding Trump's fate on Facebook

The decision not to allow former President Donald Trump back on Facebook is the biggest, most contentious and most controversial single content moderation determination the company has ever made. So who made that call? Well, surprisingly, not company founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

China can't stop talking about the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce

The divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates has sent shockwaves through China, where the Microsoft co-founder has achieved a level of fame unlike almost any other Western entrepreneur.

Facebook told to investigate its role in insurrection

Facebook's independent oversight board on Wednesday upheld the company's decision to suspend former President Donald Trump. But one of the most important aspects of the decision wasn't really about the former President's social media accounts at all; instead it was a recommendation for a deeper review of the role the platform played in the spread of election conspiracy theories that, in the board's words, "exacerbated tensions that culminated in the violence in the United States on January 6."

Facebook Oversight Board upholds Donald Trump's suspension from the platform

Facebook can keep blocking former President Donald Trump from using its platform but must revisit the decision within six months, the social network's court-like Oversight Board said Wednesday. The landmark decision affirmed the company's decision to issue the suspension after the January 6 US Capitol riots.