A Beginers Guide to Getting started Online part

I the first part of this article I looked at the basic necessities of getting your self started on the internet. In this second part I shall look at what you need to get your own site set up. Hosting If you want to develop your own site you will need to get a domain name, which is unique to you, the name you choose should ideally have a relationship with the key words that you use for the search engines to home in on, for example 2 of the key words that I use with this site are "Tips" and "Internet tips" so you can see that http ://tips4-u.

com is tailored to the market that I want to attract. I have used several companies to host my sites in the past, but the best service for a paid host that I have found is Midphase they offer many different plans, and are full service hosting providers meaning you get all the facilities that you will need including cpanel,php,mysql and many others. The best value that I have found, is doteasy, they give free 100 mb hosting for each name that is registered with them, but they are only basic accounts, for the facilities that I just listed they do charge. Http: //doteasy.

com Editing software The easiest type of editing software for creating your own site is often know as WYSIWYG or What you See is What you Get, with this type of editor you just type in what youwant and the sofeware converts it to the requires HTML language that browsers understand. I use one called Coffeecup they have a free version at www .coffeecup.

com/free-editor Ftp Software Once you have your hosting account you will want to be able to upload your website, for this you will want a FTP client, the initials stand for File Transfer Protocol and while ther are 100's to choose from one of the easiest that I have used is Filezilla, http: // a free download. Payment Proccessors Having reached this stage, you are going to need to organize a way to pay and receive money on line, there are many ways to do this and I will give you my recommendations and explain why I would net use some companies. Paypal http: // This is the largest online payment proccessor and it is owned by E-bay, It is a must have account and very secure.

Paypal has very strict rules, and if you are selling using paypal make sure that you follow there tems and conditions to the letter to avoid any problems like having your account put on hold. Alertpay http: // Alertpay has a good reputation and is growing quickly, Safepaysolutions http: // Another high reputation newcomer, well worth opening an account.

E-gold http: // A slightly riskier payment processor, e-gold has had some problems with being used for money laundering, because of the way the company works once a payment has been made it is not possible to recall it so when buying on the internet make sure you know what you are getting when you pay with e-gold. A lot of paid to click site use e-gold to make instant payments, so it is worth while having an account. In the final part of this article I shall look at traffic generation.

By Graham Andrew Taylor For more Internet Tips Articles and Reviews visit

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