Antispyware Defend Workstations

Is your computer running more slowly for no apparent reason? Are you receiving a good deal more email, which you have not solicited? How about those pesky pop-up ads, are they driving you batty? All of these things may be happening as a result of spyware. Spyware which is impacting your computer (and your life) may be on the job and you don�t even know it. No one asked your permission to do this and, chances are, you may not know about spyware. Spyware does exist, affects most computers and can cause annoyance, irritation and (in some cases) serious damage. What type of information is being gathered? Well, some of it can be rather harmless; advertisers collect your email address so they can add you to their mailing list. While not harmful, this can still be bothersome�you may get hundreds of unsolicited emails daily once spyware shares your email address with their list of solicitors.

As spyware has become more prevalent and a bigger nuisance, other companies have gotten busy producing �antispyware�. You can think of antispyware as your very own security guard, who protects you, your personal information and your computer. You are not alone in the war on spyware, though, and that is good news. Many companies now produce very effective �antispyware� programs. These programs are available for immediate download and use. The best part of the whole deal is they are available for free � no cost to you whatsoever.

Whichever antispyware program you choose will provide security to you, your computer and your personal information. Many thousands of very satisfied customers have downloaded free antispyware. Among their favorites are: Windows Defender (Super, especially if you use Windows programs a lot), Spybot Search and Destroy (very popular and effective), CW Shredder (one of the most favored featuring extra settings) and Ad-Adware 2007 (consistently rates very high for security and efficiency. Some of the most sophisticated spyware programs can gain access to your bank records (savings and checking accounts, etc.) and to your actual credit card numbers.

Gaining access to that type of extremely personal information can be beyond expensive � if the information gets into the wrong hands, you can find your assets wiped out. Unfortunately, these things can often happen before the computer owner even knows what happened. You would not leave your doors unlocked at night, or your keys in your open car and not expect unwanted consequences.

The same applies for your personal information and your computer. Security for you, your family and your computer is just a few minutes away � it really is as easy as point, click, download. You can then rest easy knowing you have secured some of your very important possessions.

At, we are honored to have Isaiah Henry as researcher on how to remove spyware. He has written on the likes of Spyware Doctor. Visit for free information.

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