A Beginners Guide to Setting up a Wireless Network

Wireless networks can be helpful in organizing your business or home office of just connecting a series of computers to each other and to the internet. Setting up a wireless network is not rocket science. If you think that it is difficult then you are at the right place. Lets take things step by step. First lest assume that there are two computers that need to be connected to each other and the internet.

Aside from the computers there are a few other things that you might need. First of all you will need to set up a broadband internet connection with your internet provider. It needs to be a high speed connection in other words a broadband connection because a dial up connection will not function. After you get your connection your internet provider usually gives you a broadband modem to connect one of your computers to the internet. If they don't then you must get one on your own. Having a connection and a modem, a broadband modem, means that you can now connect to the internet.

We will not get into the things you would need to do to connect to the internet, we will assume that you are connected and we will focus on how to set up your wireless network. After the modem and the internet connection you will need a wireless network adapter for every computer you want to connect to the network. The wireless network adapter is the component that will receive and send wireless signals from and to your computer. It will be the component that will connect your computers to the wireless router.

A wireless router is the next component that you will need. It is perhaps the single most important component of your wireless network. The wireless router connects to the network adapters and creates a network. It is important to have a fast wireless router as well as good wireless network adapters for all your computers in order to guarantee fast connection speeds. Note that even if you have a very fast internet connection having a slow router and adapters will only slow everything down when connecting to the internet. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need a separate wireless internet adapter for every computer you will want to connect to your network.

You will only need one router. The number of computers you can connect to your wireless network will depend on the specifics of your wireless router. Once you get all the equipment, once you install the wireless adapters to your computers then all you need to do is follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturers to configure everything. Most manufacturers have detailed step by step instructions that don't need any special computer skills in order to complete. The first step would be to install all the network adapters to your computers.

The second step is to configure your wireless router to your main computer, the one that is connected to the internet. After that you will need to connect that router to the internet connection in other words to the modem. The following step would be to make sure all the adapters are connected. If you have set up a secure network make sure all the adapters have the correct passwords in order for them to connect.

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