Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Axapta India

Microsoft Axapta is a Business Management enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution created specifically to help medium-sized businesses quickly seize opportunity and improve their competitive advantage. It is Easy to implement, customize, and modify Business software. With multicurrency and Multilanguage features, Axapta supports companies in various countries including India.

Microsoft Dynamics AX brings people, processes, and information together wherever they are located around the globe, to increase the productivity and effectiveness of your business and help employees drive business success. In addition, Axapta India offers new capabilities and enhancements across the manufacturing, distribution and financial applications.

Microsoft Axapta is useful for many businesses in:

1. Axapta Enterprise Portal ?" Framework used to build personalized websites

2. The product builds on previous Internet connectivity with expanded roles and functionality.

3. Secure Connectivity: Businesses using Axapta can now securely connect relevant stakeholders ?" including partners, customers and employees ?" directly to Axapta, including those who previously worked offline and outside the system.


Business Reporting at its Best: Reports and catalogs can be viewed with the ability to register project hours, participate in discussion forums, and publish and exchange documents such as electronic drawings.

5. Multiple language and currency capabilities also enable businesses to work in the language and currency of their choice.


Release 3.0 also builds on the deep manufacturing functionality in Axapta with new intercompany collaboration and inventory management capabilities. Subsidiaries or distribution centers can trade internally and rely on an accurate overview of stock availability throughout the business.


Warehouse management also is easier with improved inventory dimensions, tracking system and bar code functionality.


? Provide a fast, easy way to set up alerts. People can right-click within any Microsoft Dynamics AX record to define an alert rule for changes and events that they want to monitor.

? Work more proactively by specifying which events to monitor. Maintain tighter control over business activity by defining conditions for alert rules?"for example, set up an alert rule to notify you one day before a shipment from a certain vendor is due.

? Meet specific needs for your business. Tailor alerts to your business priorities by creating templates for alert rules or modifying existing rules for individual users.

? Provide flexible delivery options. Help ensure people get the information they need?"as pop-up windows, e-mail messages through Microsoft Office Outlook, or through Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX?"all right from within Microsoft Dynamics AX.

? Helps you ensure regulatory compliance and expand your business across geographies

? Helps you improve the efficiency of your financial operations and enable strategic planning

? Helps you manage your cash flow effectively

? Provides greater insight into your finances and improves your ability to make the right decisions quickly


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