Discount Office Cubicles From Maispace

Looking for discount office cubicles? You are in the right place. MAiSPACE is the leading office cubicle manufacturer and provider of innovative space planning and utilization tools and design services. We offer a full range of quality, easy-to-install-and-reconfigure discount office cubicles to help your company quickly and easily find the right workspace solution at the right price. At MAiSPACE, we firmly believe that quality, style, and function can all come at an affordable price.

That's why our underlying philosophy is: customer satisfaction at an affordable price. We also want you to know that discount office cubicle furniture should not and does not mean low quality and standards. We want you to buy a product for the rest of your life and be happy with your choice, and that's why we support our discount office cubicles furniture with a lifetime warranty, for as long as you own the product.

We strive to deliver excellent value in office cubicle furniture with savings approaching forty (40) percent vs. what you would normally pay for high quality office furniture. We pioneer and employ cutting-edge production techniques, impeccable materials and first-rate hardware; the key to why we have always been the champion of high quality construction. Stability, strength, safety and style are key components of our discount office cubicles.

"Our objective is to provide customers with beautiful and functional offices without sacrificing affordability or performance," says Bob Spradlin, company's National Sales Manager. "Moreover, we commit to meeting project time frames, quick turnarounds and fast resolutions to revisions. These services are free with a signed purchase order or order placement.

" MAiSPACE offers discount office cubicles that suit the needs of individuals as well as the companies they work for. MAiSPACE designs office cubicle systems that help workers to work more effectively and productively. We have integrated style and value with discount office cubicles that look and work great in any work environment.

We provide a wide range of discount office cubicles that are easy to configure to fit into any office environment and manufactured with the highest standards in the industry. At MAiSPACE, we take pride in all our products, because as the manufacturer, we apply strict controls throughout the manufacturing process guaranteeing you that the most stringent industry standards are being met. We are committed to environment, consumer health and safety.

We produce 100% environmentally safe, eco-friendly, recycled, and chemical and fiber glass free office furniture products Unlike most office cubicle furniture systems, which are filled with fiberglass that doesn't break down in landfills and is a source of airborne glass, MAiSPACE uses post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from ground up soda bottles. We hope other manufacturers will follow our lead. Due to the large number of plastic containers being discarded, much of this material goes unused.

At MAiSPACE, we are glad we've found a use for it that makes sense from every perspective, says MD Kim-Company's Vice President of Manufacturing. MAiSPACE also conforms to telecommunications industry standards for horizontal cabling systems in open offices. Standard belt line access and easily accessible consolidation points provide an interconnection between work area outlets and telecommunications closets creating a zone distribution system. Unrestricted cable pathway access simplifies changes to the existing network.

Factory-terminated and tested modular cable assembles in copper or fiber support plug and play office reconfigurations. A wide variety of cable types are available to meet specific customer needs. "This includes Category 7 cabling, which is available for data-intensive and video applications, surpassing all current industry standards," Kyle Walters, company's Product Design Manager notes The original concept of the office cubicle was to increase flexibility and functionality with a completely movable office where floor plans could easily be modified and reconfigured.

Faithful to the original idea, MAiSPACE, the leading office cubicle furniture manufacturer, takes innovation and interior office design to the next level. MAiSPACE incorporates a functional approach to office cubicle design at a low-cost without compromising quality, style, and fashion. That's why MAiSPACE has a competitive edge in the discount office cubicle furniture business. At MAiSPACE, we design office cubicles with simplicity in mind.

Patented, knocked down, and ready-to-assemble frames equipped with self aligning connectors simplify moving elements into and throughout the building reducing installation costs. It can also reduce the number of framing components required. The workstation can be easily taken apart and then re-assembled.

Functional, ergonomic, durable, yet stylish, MAiSPACE discount office cubicles compete with expensive alternatives. We promise the lowest price to our customers, and that's why we will beat our competitors' price for top quality office cubicle furniture. Each line of discount office cubicle furniture available at MAiSPACE offers specific features to suit your needs.

The least expensive office cubicle furniture solution is not necessarily pre-owned furniture which has functional and aesthetic limitations. We believe you can buy new discount office cubicle furniture without sacrificing quality. Established in 1993, MAiSPACE has approximately 250 employees worldwide, and a North American installed base of more than $150 million. MAiSPACE combines global sourcing and supply chain management with a streamlined just-in-time manufacturing and distribution system to reduce costs across the board and ensure fast delivery. will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Discount Office Cubicles and Discount Office Furniture for their offices and selecting the right Office Cubicles.

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