Instant EXE Programming Utility Review

Thought creating your own software programs was reserved for die-hard computer geeks? Think again! If you have ever considered creating your own computer software, but thought that the time needed to learn a programming language and the cost of the development program were just too much, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Instant EXE is a software development program that allows just about anyone to create their own Windows-based computer programs. Want a utility to store your recipes? Need a tool to monitor a device on your network? Need to automate a process you do over and over again? Then Instant EXE just may be the solution for you. There are two things that really make Instant EXE the ideal development tool for programming beginners as well as veterans.

First, there really is no programing language to learn. You see, instead of learning a complicated language Instant EXE (or jut IX for short) has a set of 50 highly customizable commands. Simply double-click the command from the list and it is inserted into your program, or script as they are called. But, don't let the fact that the program is easy to use make you believe that IX is not a robust development environment. Each of the commands is highly customizable using a graphical window for each. You do not need to remember or even type any routines yourself.

Simply change the settings in the dialog box to change the command's behavior. IX's completely graphical interface makes creating your own software much quicker and easier than other development utilities. Furthermore, there are hundreds of variables and formulas that you can choose from, giving you access to every property and setting imaginable. The second attractive feature is that Instant EXE is completely free. You can create, compile, and distribute your own software without paying for the development environment or paying any royalties at all. This feature alone makes IX a great choice for hobbyists, network administrators, school and computer user groups, or anyone that wants to write their own software.

How can the company that produces IX support itself you ask? IX comes in 2 flavors. The standard flavor, which is sufficient for most people, doesn't cost anything. However, if you want to unlock even more features you can upgrade to a low-cost paid version and even add in one of the growing number of plug-ins. The plug-ins extend IX's abilities even further. The database plug-in, for example, allows you to manipulate databases in the popular Microsoft Access format.

The Browser plug-in allows you to include a web browser interface in your programs and even interact with those web pages. You could for example, automatically submit web searches using this plug-in. Finally, IX has a very avid user group and forum where people exchange ideas and help each other out. If you're looking to create a computer program of your own, then Instant EXE is definitely worth checking out.

James Pearson is the creator of the website where you can find a robust programming utility that allows you to create real software programs without learning a programming language and a step-by-step video tutorial series.

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