Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success

Search Engine Optimization can award you with higher rankings, better visibility, more visitors and wealth. You can accomplish this if you are dedicated and are willing to put some effort into learning SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. If you have the desire then there's no stopping you. You want to gain some knowledge about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION so that you will know how to put these tools to work for you.

Start off by learning what it is that you want to rank well for in the search engines. What will your visitors be searching for? Once you know what these phrases are then you can begin to incorporate them into your web pages. If you are not sure what these phrases are then you need to do some keyword and key phrase research. 1. Keyword Research: Keyword research is finding out what your visitors are searching for and figuring which phrases will work out the best for you.

You may be able to find several phrases that you can use. 2. Title Tag: This is where you definitely want to include your main key phrase for the web page in question. 3.

Formatting: Include your key phrases in the H1 tag as well as in bolded text, anchor text, and bullets. 4. Key Phrases: You can use the key phrase in filenames, folders and domain names.

5. Meta Tags: Include your key phrases into the Meta tags such as the keyword and description tags. 6.

Alt Tags: Your image's alt tag should include your key phrase when appropriate. 7. Site Map: Include a site map for your web site 8. Navigation: Your navigation should include your key phrase.

9. CSS: Use CSS to condense your html code as well as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION 10. Content: Add fresh good content regularly.

11. Off Site SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Include off site SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION techniques to further push your rankings up. These are some of the steps you should do to rank well above your competitors. If you start applying these techniques to your web pages then you will be well awarded in return. This article can't go into great detail, but it does summarize the steps needed to succeed.

It's up to you to investigate further and become SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION efficient. For example off site SEO includes blogging, article writing, directory submitting, forum posting, Yahoo Answers and much more. There are many places online that will give you the education required to succeed with SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Just search on Google or your favorite search engine. Find a good e-Book on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION that goes into greater detail and really explains the steps fully.

If you would like to learn all eleven of these steps in detail than visit: Search Engine Optimization Success or Lambert Klein

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