Top Ways to Speed Up Vista Home Loading and Stability

There are two types of Vista Home versions? Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium. The Home Basic is for those with a more conservative budget who will not really use much of their computers except for checking e-mails or news browsing through the web. The Home Premium edition targets a more broad audience as it allows various ways to create, view and edit multimedia. The latter also has that Aero desktop experience that looks very hip! But whether you are using a Vista Home Basic or a Vista Home Premium, you may want to speed its performance up a tad bit more due to the fact that it is noticeable slower to use this operating system compared to the others you have used before.

So how do you speed up Vista Home? Here are 5 ways to do so: 1. Use the MSCONFIG option This allows you to disable unwanted and unnecessary programs that load whenever you boot up your Vista Home. The fastest way to do this is by following the instructions below: a. Press the Windows button on your keyboard, + "R." b.

A pop-up will show, just type "msconfig" which will lead you to "System Configurations." c. Select the Startup tab d.

Uncheck the applications you do not want launching with your Vista. The more you check, the faster the start up will be. 2. Disable Sidebar Vista Home has a quaint feature called Side Bar that gives you easy access to installed gadgets. However, if this seemingly cool feature is disabled, overall functioning of Vista Home will increase. This frees up processing power.

3. Remove Bloatware If your computer is new, chances are, it has some programs installed to it that came with the PC or laptop. Best to check what your computer currently has installed. Once you have seen applications that you will not use, don't hesitate to uninstall them as this frees up memory. 4.

Use Good Ol' Disk Cleanup Using disk cleanup allows you to delete the temporary files, temporary internet files and compress old files, freeing space on your (C:) Drive. This is a feature that has not changed much since the dawn of Windows and it is as reliable as before as it is now. 5. Use the ReadyBoost option This is one mighty nice feature of Windows Vista Home. It can use an storage space as a memory cache on a portable storage device to speed up your Vista Home performance. It basically gives your computer a fast memory in retrieving information.

You use this by: a. Plugging in the thumb drive. b. Follow these links: Start, Computer, right click on the removable storage device icon, select Properties. c. Click the ReadyBoost Tab which will show so long as you're device is eligible for this feature, d.

Choose Use this Device and specify the amount of space you want to allocate for this. e. Click OK.

Do note that although it may have some bad reviews, Vista Home is a really good operating system, you just have to learn where to tweak it a bit to get the results you want.

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