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Designing WebSphere Application Server for performance: an evolutionary approach

Designing WebSphere Application Server for performance: an evolutionary approach

WebSphere Application Server is IBM's Java-based Web application server that supports the deployment and management of Web applications, ranging from simple Web sites to powerful e-business solutions.


A middleware performance characterization of Linux using IBM WebSphere Application Server

A middleware performance characterization of Linux using IBM WebSphere Application Server

Linux ** has come a long way since it was first introduced in 1991. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful open-source programs in the market today.


Action Engine simplifies and accelerates mobile device access to Internet content using a browserless client/server architecture

Action Engine simplifies and accelerates mobile device access

Action Engine Corporation, a mobile application platform developer, announced the industry's emergent Mobile Data Services Architecture (MDSA), defining an open.


ISP services come of age: today's forward-thinking ISPs offer far more than Web access and an email server, but what can enterprises expect from their "ISP-plus"? - Market Focus - Internet Service Providers

ISP services come of age

In the boom years, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sprouted almost overnight like mushrooms, acting as portals to the Web and offering a mail service to subscribers.


Coming-of-age for app servers - the burgeoning application-server software market - Internet/Web/Online Service Information

Coming-of-age for app servers

In the 200 or so years that patchwork quilts have been made in America, they have come to symbolize comfort,


XML Web Server Tools

Oracle Corp. Shares Plans for OAS and XML

Moving ahead with initiatives in Java and XML, Oracle Corp. announced the beta version of Oracle Application Server 4.0.8 (OAS) and new plans for its XML-enabled infrastructure.

XML Developers Get Slew of New Tools

PHILADELPHIA—With XML adoption widespread in the industry, vendors exhibiting at the XML Conference and Expo 2003 here are offering solutions to make it even more palatable for users and developers.
Developers preview .Net tools

".Net represents the kinds of technology designed to contribute to making the Internet a truly distributed platform. We need to go beyond browsing to allow people to federate information together from multiple Web sites."
Developing XML Web services with WebSphere Studio Application Developer

Web services provide a distributed computing technology for integrating applications over the Internet. Such a technology has the potential to dramatically transform our information-based economy.
Software AG Upgrades Tamino XML Server

Software AG Inc. has announced a new version of its Tamino XML Server with better performance, enhanced support for developers and new industry standards support.
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